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Catalog of Selected Works, by Mary Pettis

With 78 pages and more than 80 illustrations and full-color reproductions, annotated with quotes and inspiration, this book offers any reader the opportunity to look deeper... Available in hardcover or softcover.

• Standard Landscape, 10 x 8 inches
• Full color printing
• Hardcover or Softcover
• More than 80 full colored illustrations and full colored reproductions, annotated with quotes and inspiration.
• Printed in USA
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Buy Hardcover: $79     Buy Softcover: $59

Blank Notecards

Each set contains: 8 blank notecards, plus envelopes (folded notecard is 5.5" x 4.125")
Two each of four different full-color reproductions of Mary's work on the front
Quotes and inspiration by Mary on the back of each card; blank inside
Three unique sets (as seen below)
$15.00 each (plus shipping)