• Time Stands Still (detail) by Mary Pettis

    Time Stands Still (detail) – 48x30 - Available (pg. 1)

  • Autumn Poetry by Mary Pettis

    Autumn Poetry (detail) – 30x40 - Sold

  • My Tulips by Mary Pettis

    My Tulips (detail) – 6x8 - Sold

  • First Arabesque by Mary Pettis

    First Arabesque (detail) - 24x36 - Available (pg. 1)

  • Peonies by Mary Pettis

    Peonies (detail) - 8x10 - Sold

  • Pillows and Pearls by Mary Pettis

    Pillows and Pearls (detail) - 24x36 - Sold

Catalog of Selected Works by Mary Pettis -- Just released!

St. Germaine de Bel Aire - 30x40


Catalog of Selected Paintings by Mary Pettis
• Standard Landscape, 10 x 8 inches
• Full color printing
• Hardcover or Softcover
• More than 80 full colored illustrations and full colored reproductions, annotated with quotes and inspiration.
• Printed in USA
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Buy Hardcover: $79     Buy Softcover: $59

Recent Awards & Recognition

St. Germaine de Bel Aire - 30x40
St. Germaine de Bel Aire - 30x40

First Place Winner in the 2014 Minnetonka Center for the Arts Annual Members Exhibition

Wild Daisies--Glorious Spring - 32x40
Wild Daisies--Glorious Spring - 32x40

Voted as a "Fav15%" in the May 2015 Bold Brush Painting Competition

Artist's Statement:

What we discover when we go inward is our poetic response to life. Art connects us to our Source. It connects us with each other, with generations past, and with those who will see our paintings long after we are gone. When I paint, I truly feel the great relations among all things. Every subject becomes a metaphor. I forget to breathe. I will never lose sight of what a joy and privilege it is to be a painter.
–Mary Pettis